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Ready Desk Overview
Ready Desk is a web based help desk tool. Since it is web based, it can be accessed from anywhere in
the world. it has a good email management system that can turn incoming emails automatically into
tickets. Any ticket updates are automatically notified to technicians.

Typical Clients Ready Desk Serves
Ready Desk can serve clients of all shapes and sizes. Since it is a web based tool, it can be very
helpful for clients whose staffs are geographically spread as no installation of any tool is required.


Services Ready Desk Offers and Pricing
Clients can create customer portals to support unlimited number of departments or companies. The
knowledge base can help in providing self help to the customers which can reduce the number of
incoming tickets. Tickets can be created by customers and technicians from the web interface and
incoming emails. The tool supports file attachments and tracks all actions in the ticket history. There
is also a live chat feature available which lets customers chat one on one with a live agent and get
instant replies to their queries.
The cloud version costs $9 per month per technician, and the downloaded version costs $99 per
technician one time.

Alerts / Escalation
Automated Routing
Community Forums
Contract / SLA Management
Incident Management
Knowledge Base
Known Issue Management
Live Chat
Multiple Brands / Products
Self Service Portal
Surveys & Feedback
Ticket Management
Pricing model
Monthly payment
One-time payment
Annual subscription
Cloud, Web, SaaS
Installed Locally
Mobile - Android
Mobile - iOS
Customer type
Small business
Medium business
Large enterprises


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