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PhaseWare Tracker


PhaseWare Overview
The phase ware tracker is a simple help desk software. It includes issue tracking, complaint
management, CRM, time tracking, SLA compliance, process management, knowledge base, and
other customer care support solutions, that can be customized as per the need of the customer. The
software can be installed on cloud or on the customers servers, as per the customer prefers. The
cloud version will set everything up for the cutomer, monitor the database, and perform routine
backups. The on-site version will install the featured tracker applications on the customers server,
and assist the customer whenever assistance is required.


Typical Clients Served by PhaseWare
Typical clients served by phase ware include business owners who want a simple solution to tracking
the customer service tickets. The cloud option allows very small sized businesses operating over the
internet with no infrastructure support to use this feature. The tracker is completely customizable as
per the customer’s needs.

Services PhaseWare offers and Pricing
The services offered by PhaseWare include visual workflows designer, that the admins and owners
can use to create streamlined business processes within the tracker product. The multichannel
support allows the interaction with customers via any channel required, like phone, live chat, email,
web and more.

Alerts / Escalation
Automated Routing
Community Forums
Contract / SLA Management
Incident Management
Knowledge Base
Known Issue Management
Live Chat
Multiple Brands / Products
Self Service Portal
Surveys & Feedback
Ticket Management
Pricing model
Monthly payment
One-time payment
Annual subscription
Cloud, Web, SaaS
Installed Locally
Mobile - Android
Mobile - iOS
Customer type
Small business
Medium business
Large enterprises


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