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eBizzers Desk


eBizzers Desk Overview
eBizzers desk is a professional technical support solution with proactive chat that allows business
owners to intercept the website navigators and transform them into real customers. It can be used
to make immediate online technical support with Live Chat system to all the website users and
customers. It offers an unlimited chat solution to the end users. Departmental users can also interact
with each other to share information.


Typical Services eBizzers Desk Offers
eBizzers desk is a web based solution that website owners can use as a live chat solution on their
websites. There is a feature where various departments can use the tool for interacting in between
them. Also, it is a useful for website owners who operate on multiple websites, as it offers a multi-
domain functionality.

Services eBizzers Desk Offers and Pricing
The eBizzers desk offers services like unlimited chat, communication between operators, unlimited
departments, mobile utilization, windows software, multi-domain chat systems, chat transfer,
automatic chat requests, etc. The website visitors are automatically invited to enter chat with the
agent. The chat can be transferred from one department to another. The price varies form 16-250

Alerts / Escalation
Automated Routing
Community Forums
Contract / SLA Management
Incident Management
Knowledge Base
Known Issue Management
Live Chat
Multiple Brands / Products
Self Service Portal
Surveys & Feedback
Ticket Management
Pricing model
Monthly payment
One-time payment
Annual subscription
Cloud, Web, SaaS
Installed Locally
Mobile - Android
Mobile - iOS
Customer type
Small business
Medium business
Large enterprises


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