Get Satisfaction vs. UserVoice vs. Zendesk

Helpdesk softwares have given a whole new meaning to the word – customer service. These service desk softwares are power packed and come with great features which suit your needs and b as well. A rundown on comparison within three helpdesk solutions –  Get Satisfaction, UserVoice and Zendesk will be beneficial to take decision for your organisation and choose the right product for you and reap benefits out of it.

Intended Users

Fetching a larger customer base, covering Freelancers, large, medium or small businesses, public administrations and non-profit organization Get Satisfaction & Zendesk win the deal. They have a huge outlook keeping customer base in mind. However, UserVoice lacks is limited only to business related clients. Although this is not a con in UserVoice Point of View, they cater to all needs of Business requirements.

If you are eyeing a faster customer satisfaction along with tons of features, then Zendesk is the helpdesk solution you should be looking for. It is feature rich when compared to the other gamers in this foray. UserVoice lacks far behind compared to the whole gamut of features provided by Zendesk and Get Satisfaction. With Zendesk and Get Satisfaction, there is very little scope for customization as the standard packed features are good enough to capture all kinds of businesses.


Get Satisfaction is available in 2 pricing options – Professional which offers features like Built-in SEO, Unlimited widgets for website and Facebook integration etc. and Enterprise which offers comprehensive helpdesk solutions like advanced workflow.

UserVoice is available in three pricing offers – Standard, Enhanced and Professional. The basic plan, Standard version is available at 15 USD per agent per month, Enhanced version fares at 45 USD per agent per month and Professional mode at 85 USD per agent per month.

Zendesk comes in four pricing options to suit your varied range of requirements. Zendesk pricing options are- Essential ( 5USD per agent per month), Team ( 19 USD per agent per month), Professional ( 49 USD per agent per month), Enterprise ( 99 USD per agent per month).


This is where Get Satisfaction loses out in the race. Even though it has wide scope compared to UserVoice, the features bring it to its knees.

Ticketing System

There is no ticketing system in Get Satisfaction. This reduces customer complaint tracking, which is a must in any company. There is no knowledge base facility here as well. So every time, a user comes up with a problem, the customer service executives will have a tough time finding solution right from scratch. UserVoice, though reaching lesser people, and Zendesk, have an amazing ticketing system wherein users can access their complaints log and have a direct chat with the service exec. The knowledge base or module in UserVoice and Zendesk, help customer complaints being resolved faster than ever. Even users can have ratings and reviews online on all the tickets logged by them.  Moreover, the ticketing system is smart enough to portray who else is working upon the ticket, so that at one point of time, no two service executives are dealing with the same ticket. This reduces turnaround time between ticket raising and resolution. UserVoice comes with an Inspector function, which lets you know, who you are talking to. Again, these two have Video Tutorials as well, so when there is no service executive online, users can watch the videos and resolve the problem themselves.


Get Satisfaction loses out again on the reporting and analytics part, since it does not have an embedded ticketing system. Service executives have a tough time in finding out their user cases and solutions. Customer feedback is something which has not been a focus for Get Satisfaction. Whereas the analytics or user metrics feature in UserVoice and Zendesk are top-notch. A reporting tool is a must to hone your customer service executives’ skills. The service manager will look upon the complete cases resolved or not resolved by their executives and judge, how to increase their turnaround time.


When it comes to integrations, Zendesk wins above all. It offers direct API plugins to almost 154 other apps. Especially it has the capability to be integrated with Google Analytics, Salesforce, MailChimp, Magento, Zapier etc.

The number of integrations comes fairly down to 15 in UserVoice and 9 in Get Satisfaction. They provide native integrations with Zapier, Shopify etc. Only Get Satisfaction has a direct API access to Zendesk which again is like connecting to its competitor. This feature gives an edge to Zendesk when it comes to integration capabilities.

Platform Support

Get Satisfaction is only web based and does not provide any app facility. Although it is the only app with a Facebook add-on button to directly take customer feedback from your Facebook page.

UserVoice has the apps for iOS and Android platforms, but it is not compatible with Windows platform is missing out here. We have a clear-winner in Zendesk when it comes to platform support.


Zendesk offers full frontal secured server, certified by CSA cloud and HIPAA business associate agreement. It has secured encryption access to all pages in the app and offers full data backup facility in multiple locations across different geographical zones. One can have multi-factor authentication for access, like single sign on facility and the like.

On the other hand, Get Satisfaction and UserVoice offer no such encrypted data facility. Get Satisfaction is rated 0 when it comes to security. Although UserVoice is Safe Harbour Compliant and Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS) Compliant, which is a win-win for the users.

Get Satisfaction


  • Types of communities (support, praise and feedback)
  • Get other experts from the community to give feedback


  • Expensive than the other competitors
  • Major Customizations required to get going
  • No security



  • Standard pack is as good as it gets
  • Feedback system
  • No additional modules required
  • Email ID can be used as a login credential since there is no single sign on


  • All feedbacks are visible to competitors
  • Brand Dilution
  • No single sign on facility



  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Smooth functioning
  • Amazing ticketing system


  • No community reporting
  • Overwhelming Potential Customers

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